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Consulting and planning

Consulting and planning

SDH Advogados´ professionals have a long history in the area of ​​tax consultancy and planning, having worked at large auditing and consulting firms and renowned law firms.

With such experience, we are able to advise our clients on the most diverse demands of the tax area, in a simple and objective way, contemplating practical, legal, business and accounting aspects of each operation.

Considering the intricacies of Brazilian tax legislation, and the specificities of each sector, our performance in this area will always be together and in partnership with our clients, with the objective of seeking the balance of the binomial “risk management” and “tax efficiency”.


Our services include:

  • preparation of opinions, legal opinions and memoranda on tax matters

  • evaluation of operations, corporate structures, contracts, aiming at the optimization and greater tax efficiency and the mitigation of associated risks

  • support in the tax assessment of M&A transactions

  • simulations and advice on determining tax variables in pricing and site location

  • assessment of legislative changes and their impact on Customer operations

  • analysis of the use of opportunities to reduce the tax burden or tax disbursement provided for in the legislation (credit discount, enjoyment of benefits and special regime, among others)

  • advice on the fulfillment of ancillary obligations, aiming at compliance with legislation (tax compliance)

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